If you have a 2000-Current XR 650 you know why you need this modified peg post. The AHD peg consists of a 1 piece formed tab welded to the stock peg post.

The peg comes with all hardware to get you back on the trail. The only tools that are required are a drill and 7/16 drill bit to drill the front hole through to make room for the larger front bolt.

The peg is sold on an exchange basis for $75, So you must send me your peg post to receive a modified one. I can re ship the peg the same day I receive it so downtime is kept to a minimum. Modified area will be raw until I can find a better paint that holds up.

$75 plus shipping and core
Peg Instructions
The oil site tube is a must have for on the go oil level checks. No more fussing with the dipstick and losing time in the pits. Just look and go. The AHD oil site tube kit includes everything you need to install it, Parker brass fittings, clear tubing good to 500 degrees F, pipe tap, drill bit and instructions.
$54.99 plus shipping
Site Kit Instructions
Get both the oil site kit and a modified peg for $115
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